esmaspäev, 8. aprill 2013

Little kitty - new revision of the pattern

I took my very first pattern - Little kitty - and made a new version of it. The idea wasn`t to change the pattern, but to make new photos of the preparation and use the whole potential of the pattern, as I felt there was more than I had taken advantage of in my previous version. Also the structure of the pattern was a little bit different as then I didn`t have my style yet developed.

As I went with the pattern I made some small adjustments on the head, ears, eye size and arms. Nothing major as I wanted to keep the similar look. Of course I used a different yarn. The first kitty was made with half woollen yarn, this time I used mixtures of cotton and bamboo. Added eye lashes and a little spangle tattoo on the side :)
It felt awesome to make something tiny! You can actually finish a toy in a day, wow!

The new revision of the pattern is available in my etsy shop, but it will be for free for all those etsy customers who already have bought the first version. You may contact me at and ask for the new Little kitty version, BUT please dig out your etsy INVOICE NUMBER for making it little easier for me.

2 kommentaari:

Gerda Hartman ütles ...

She is just as sweet as the little mouse.

Agnes van Hensbergen - agnesstampcards ütles ...

So cute .
Hugs Agnes