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Princess Silver-shoe/Printsess Hõbeking

doll ruffled dressAmigurumi doll girl

Here comes another doll pattern - Princess Silver-shoe. She is a dream come true doll for many little girls. With her long ruffled dress, curly hair, perfect crown and decorative pearls she is like an embodiment of fairy tale and beauty.

Crochet princess doll

In many ways she is similar to Sofia, however she`s somewhat thinner and taller and with a different kind of hair style. Also I made some smaller re-arrangements when preparing the material for the pattern. For example the shoes got a new look, although they still are embellished with pearls (for smaller children it would be wise to leave them out). Also I experimented with the hair and left the inner side of the piece visible. This gives more texture and fits nicely with curls, so the overall impression is more true to life.

Princess Silver shoeCurly hair doll

The pattern is available at my etsy shop.

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Lianne ütles ...

Ohhh, she is adorable <3
Gorgeous work!

Anonüümne ütles ...


lieve groet jenneke

Anonüümne ütles ...

millal eestikeelsed postitused? Aga kui juba räägin siis ta on nii armas! Mulle ta väga meeldib!!

Carla ütles ...

Beautiful princess!! I'll have to make one for my daugther soon!

Anonüümne ütles ...

Very cute! All your thing are lovely!!!
What yarn do you use? I have such a difficulty finding a skintoned yarn and I would prefer not to use acrylic yarn

bilbilitana ütles ...

Hola,tienes el patron en español.

mi email: bilbilitania@hotmail.es


lilleliis ütles ...

Aitäh! Thank you all! The pattern is available only in English. Please visit my shop for more information.